TCS Tracking – Track Your Order, Shipment, Delivery Status

When you place an order, the next thing you want to know is how to check or track the status of your order.

You can track your tcs order to learn about every detail about it, such as where it arrived, how much time it takes for it to arrive at your house, and so on.

This real-time tracking helps to connect with your courier. There are a number of websites or firms that provide TCS tracking services.

One of them is the tcs order. It is a corporation that provides a free service for users to monitor the status of their courier, shipment, parcel, and bill tracking online.

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How to Check TCS Tracking Order?

You can track your TCS through the following procedure:

  • Visit or official website (
  • Click the track your order tab
  • Click the TCS courier tracking
  • Enter the tracking number given on the TCs receipts at the time of booking
  • Hit the track button
  • You will get the complete detail of your TCS in just a few seconds.

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TCS Tracking via SMS

If you don’t have an internet connection due to any reason, it doesn’t mean you can’t check the status of your order. You can do TCS tracking with just one message.

It is the most convenient way of tracking. You only have to open the message box on your mobile and write the tracking ID in the box.

After this send it to the 03332177168. The tracking crew will reply to you with the detailed information regarding your TCS, immediately.

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TCS Customer Care

TCS tracking customer care reflects how the helpline agents and other staff take care of their customers needs. Customer care plays an important role in TCS’s success.

The staff and agents are 24/7 available to help their customers and answer all the queries regarding shipments, parcels, couriers, etc with great tolerance and politeness.

Although the TCS delivers on time if customers have any complaints they can call the TCS office and can submit their complaints. The customer care agent will allot a complaint ID or number to the customer.

This number will help you to check the status of your complaint i.e. whether the company has solved it or not. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours in resolving the issue regarding shipment.

International Customer Care

TCS customer care service also takes care of its international clients and shipments. Customers have to call on 021-111-123-456 in order to track their TCS.

And if they have any complaints regarding their shipments they can submit a complaint by following the same method as for domestic or national shipments. The complaint will be resolved as soon as possible.

TCS Tracking Number Format

The unique number assigned to the packages when they are shipped are called tracking numbers. They help a customer to check the details of his shipment.

These numbers are typically printed on the shipping label in the form of a bar code. The client can scan the bar code and read the number.

The tracking number format includes letters, numbers, and sometimes hyphens or dashes. The character length ranges between 8 and 40.

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CEO of TCS Express

tcs order tracking CEO

Khalid Awan is the founder and chairman of the TCS. He is a mechanical engineer and started the business in 1982.

He along with his older brother laid the foundation of TCS Private LTD.

He not only introduces the TCS service in Pakistan but also went to UK, UAE, and Canada to establish the TCS.

He also advised the government to develop the Pakistan postal services. Mr. Awan is a lifetime member of the WPO (World President Organization).

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He is also a member of the Charters Institute of Transport. Mr. Khalid Awan faced political challenges bravely and became successful in making TCS Pakistan’s first leading courier and logistics brand. Under the leadership of such a strong personality, TCS remains highly competitive and successful at every stage.

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TCS International Logistics

TCS is the first postal brand in Pakistan that partnered with the leading global express service providers to facilitate the customers in international shipments.

They provide solutions for delivery across the border to over 220 destinations worldwide. They keep on investing in their infrastructure, network, and facilities in order to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to their customers.

Customers can import and export documents and parcels owing to their developed network across the border. TCS also offers some promotional services i.e.

TCS red box, student express, attestation services, mango delivery, etc. to facilitate its customer around the globe.

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TCS Tracking Aftership

In order to ensure the customer’s satisfaction, an automated message is sent to the client’s number. This message tells the customer that his or her parcel has been received by (consignee name) at the (time). This demonstrates the efficiency and devotion of the TCS to its work.

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Tracking Complaint Of TCS Order

TCS is constantly striving to enhance its performance by listening to and acting on consumer complaints. If the clients have any issues regarding the TCS tracking, they need to call on helpline number 021-111123456 to record their complaints. In a day or two, the complaint will be resolved.

TCS Head Office

The head office or main site of TCS is located in Karachi which is the most populated and lively city in Pakistan. The address is 101-104 Civil Aviation club Road Behind Ramada Hotel near Haj Terminal Karachi.

List of TCS Shipment Branches

TCS networks spread all over Pakistan. It has many branches.

Ten of them are listed below:

Branch name Contact No. Email Address
TCS Gurumandir Office Karachi




[email protected]


Shop #1 Parakh Apartment Plot # 924 Clifton Road 5 Opp Sabeel Wali Masjid.
Darakshan Society Branch 03112387103 [email protected]


Begum Khursheed Road Darakhshan Society Darakshan Cooperative housing society Kala Board Karachi
TCS Morgah Rawalpindi Office




[email protected]


Shop # 3, Main Jehlum Road, Opposite Al-Shifa Eye Trust, Rawalpindi
TCS Garhi Yasin Office


0333-7273869 [email protected]


Main Bazar, Gari Yaseen
TCS Milad Chowk Bahawalpur Office




[email protected]


Main Milad Chowk, Bahawalpur


Gujjar Nala/Gariba Wala Office Karachi


03002304104 03169992260 03213689090  [email protected]


Gharibabad Opp To Baloch Hotel Karachi
Chan da Qila Office


055-4290116 [email protected]


Main GT Road, Near Sialkot Sweets, Chan Da Qila Gujranwala
Jhang Road Faisalabad Office


0412550053 [email protected]


Shadab Colony Chowk Jhg Road Faisalabad
Karkhano Bazar Peshawar Office




[email protected]


Gb Plaza Kharhanoo Market Peshawar
Harbanspura Office




[email protected]


Main Canal Road, Taj Bagh Pull Harbanspura, Lahore

TCS Services

TCS offers a wide variety of services to facilitate its customers all over the world. Following are the services of TCS:

  • Self Service Centre
  • TCS Cool Control
  • Bulk Delivery
  • Heavy Weight Delivery
  • TCS Cargo
  • Domestic Delivery
  • International Delivery
  • Transport services
  • TCS Hazir Service (Hazir Subkuch)

Bus Transport

TCS also provides a bus transport service to ensure the fast delivery of the parcel.

Overland Services

TCS cargo/overland service is usually carried by road. It involves transporting bulky shipments by road. It is safe and economical as well as suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and trading companies.

COD – Cash on Delivery Service

This service caters to E-retailers where the suppliers or retailers send goods/products to the customer and get cash via TCS from the clients.

To avail of this service, suppliers have to open an E-commerce account with the TCS. The business development manager maintains the supplier account by imposing all the terms and conditions during the year.

The manager also keeps checking on the procedures like amount deduction, shipment delivery status, and other services.

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About the TCS Company

TCS is Pakistan’s largest postal company with 100 local and 220 worldwide connections. It has established in 1983 and kept on developing. Now the company has become one of the most trusted and efficient shipping brands all over the world.

TCS Franchise

TCS franchises can be opened everywhere. The customer has to submit an application along with his full details about CNIC, residency, domicile, nationality, occupation, etc. The fee for this process is 35000.

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TCS Careers

TCS offers a broad range of career opportunities. You have to fill out the application form along with documents.

Jobs at TCS

There are many posts in TCS you can apply for. Below is the list of some jobs:

  • TCS assistant manager
  • Airport supervisor
  • Accounts officer
  • Courier delivery jobs

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TCS Working Hours

TCS’s main office remains open 24/7, however, the different express centers work from 9 am to 8 pm.

Delivery Times

The delivery time ranges from 3-5 days for overland and 1-2 days for flyer delivery.

Box Sizes

The box sizes range from 2 kg to 25 kg with variable rates.

Cargo Rates

For 1-10 kg cargo, the rate is 20 Rs (city to city) and 150 Rs (within the city).

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TCS Mission

TCS and its staff members always struggle to maintain the trust and credibility of customers by providing fast, reliable, and cost-effective services.

They commit to bringing additional value to their services through a combination of dedication and innovative technology.

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