TCS Air Freight

As we all know Tranzum carrier service is a company entitled to deliver goods from one place to another. It is famous for its supreme quality service and durable quick service.

Airfreight means the cost or expenses incurred while transferring goods through the aircraft which is a more high and expensive mode of transportation Here in this article we will discuss different charges, terms, and conditions and all factors included while delivering goods by aircraft.

TCS makes sure that all the goods must be protected and reached safely to the destination and for this purpose, it takes all necessary measures to prevent the goods from any damage or spoilage.

TCS Air Freight

TCS International Access

With its quality service, Tranzum carrier service is successfully growing higher and higher. You can check their growth rate by the fact that they are operating their services in more than 220 countries all over the world.

Without a proper reliable and trusted service, achieving this milestone would not be possible. To provide more reliable and quick service to their users across the world, they aligned with the world-renowned air express service to increase their efficiency and growth rate for the ultimate benefit of their customers.

The whole team of TCS is committed to maintaining their service quality & deliver the best possible services with convenient rates and quality service across every corner of the world and making every customer satisfied and happier with their service.

Furthermore, they are making advancements and enhancements to further modify their service accordingly and recreate their logistics and supply chain management as per the current requirements and needs of customers.

Below we have identified some of those services or facilities which are provided by TCS to their foreign customers. Let’s have a look:

TCS Services

  • They are offering an export service to deliver the parcel, documents, export goods, etc from Pakistan to different countries where their business was established? This can boost the export system of our country which will ultimately be a good sign for the overall economy. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to those start-up owners who want to grow or expand their business globally. TCS is also engaging people to be a part of it and play their role in a better cause.
  • Similarly, it also allows people to effectively do the import. TCS has made everything easier for everyone that you can easily receive or send goods from country to the country safely.
  • For their foreign customers, they also provide proper packaging with ensured safety to convey every bit of the product safely to the destined location.
  • Their bulk delivery system works best when there is an excessive load of workers and it has become tiring to shift the goods from place to place to avoid any inefficiency or less effective delivery service, they created some relevant and modern tools that can manage workload effectively and saves the firm and people from any mishap or lack of resources.
  • With the assistance of TCS temperature control effective tools, they monitor the temperature of goods that are to get transferred from one place to another. Then, according to the required temperature of the product, these tools set the temperature accordingly. This is the cool and classic use of modern technology to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operational activities as well as company structure.
  • Airfreight charges of Tranzum carrier service are according to the terms and conditions and those policies and rules pre-written on contract or document issued to make things legalized in a systematic and organized manner.
  • Here we have some services which we offer as air freight. It is also important to know which services you can avail of on TCS to get a better understanding. Let’s discuss them briefly:

Freight forwarding Services

  1. Air & Ocean

It includes all imports and exports that a country sells in return for foreign exchange(export) or which a country receives when there is a shortage of any product in a country. TCS provides the opportunity to make both these processes easier and free of hectic and stressful documentation by handling all legal procedures of both parties.

  1. Vessel & Air Chartering

It is also a worth-mentioning service offered by TCS.

  1. Door to door Service

TCS also gives door-to-door service to their foreign customers for providing more ease and convenience.

  1. Customs

To make things easier for all users from any corner of the world, they made a form in which all the essential details and guidelines with terms and conditions are mentioned.

  1. Tracking and Tracing

It is also an additional factor that you can keep track of your placed order and trace its timing and location anywhere in the world.

  1. Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Material

There are some difficult-to-handle goods for which some extra security and insurance are needed. Here Tranzum courier service again came forward to solve this issue, they provide the insurance to protect the safety of goods and else eliminate the risk of those products which are difficult to transfer.

  1. Warehousing

Warehousing is a storage capacity in which goods are stored for the period before their arrival. TCS has maintained a high storage capacity warehouse in which your goods can be stored safely.

  1. Documentation for Export/Import

We have discussed above that TCS authorized legal service team has taken it under their control and they provided all documentation on time which can be time-saving and energy-saving at the same time.

Final Words

TCS has efficiently and successfully operated its business and performs transactions in 350+ places with improved service quality. Airfreight is their additional income which they earn through delivering goods from air transport in which heavy expenses have to be bared in return for heavy payments.

TCS is dealing with many modes of transportation in which air freight is giving its best performance in every sector having satisfactory results. Tranzum courier service is going great in all domains and moving forward to enhance as there is always room for improvement.

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