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Tcs is an organization committed to delivering the best quality of service in Pakistan and all around the world. They not only deliver goods on time with safety and by taking care of precautionary measures but also provides additional services to their customers.

Every organization can never achieve success or accomplish its goals without a proper and dedicated team. This fact is undeniable but here in this article, we are talking about the upper or top management of Tranzum courier services.

Top management plays a huge vital role in decision making, policymaking, hiring relevant and suitable personnel for vacant positions, team building, task distribution to employees according to their abilities, and much more.

These top management board of directors is responsible for every profit and loss and good or bad performance of the company from year to year.

They are not only building a base of a company but also helping to sustain its stability and reliability. With their successful decision-making power, they are called a trustworthy delivery service and people prefer it whenever they want to send or deliver any parcel to someone far from them easily without any fear of mishap. This makes this service ideal for users.

Not only that, a great mind develops great ideas. They changed the name of their services to TCS sentiments so that people can associate more with their service and attach their sentiments involved with their service.

These tactics, marketing tools, and sharp-minded abilities are essential for the board of directors who can take effective and efficient decisions for their company and make it highly competitive.

In a service business, the most important commodity is quality service with some additional benefits and value-added, TCS management focused on those areas which were empty and customers had no access to it.

Here is a list of the board of directors of TCS who are being associated from the beginning with this company. Their role is worth-mentioning and their services are unforgettable.

TCS Board of Directors

Let’s have a look below:

Names of the TCS Board of Directors

Khalid Nawaz Awan: (Founder and chairman of TCS)

Saira Awan Malik: (President)

Qasim Awan: (Executive director)

Sadia Awan: (Director)

Muhammad Haris Jamali: (Chief Executive Officer)

Muneeza Qasim: (Chief financial officer)

Zarrar Nasir Khan: (Director of HRM)

Brigadier retired Nasir Nasrullah: (Director of security and risk)

As it is mentioned earlier that there is a major & crucial role of these professionals who not only handle their departments but also take care of the organization as a whole entity.

They were those individuals who lead this company to the top and make positive changes over time according to the changing market and necessary requirements of customers.

The Board of directors is elected by shareholder votes and they elect the most reputable, dignified, and highly experienced one to make things done properly and to prevent any management lapses.

TCS is a big name and it can be rightly said that there is a role of upper management to make the organization what is it today.

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