TCS Complaint

Your TCS Complaint Order From Here. You all can’t deny that sometimes we all experience any bad experiences intentionally or unintentionally.

The point is not that why we face such things but here we are discussing how well the company handles such kinds of issues and tackles problems effectively with grace.

TCS company also takes it seriously and to solve all the problems and complaints of customers and users of their website, they developed a customer care center and a representative who deals with all these matters.

TCS Complaint

It includes all daily complaints, feedback, performance monitoring software, and more or less every issue which can affect the goodwill of the company.

Here in this article, we will discuss all those methods through which you can send complaints via telephone, mobile phone, email, fax, website link, helpline number, other details on which anyone can send a complaint or give any feedback regarding service, delivery, quality of delivery, proper timely sending, payment modules, ease and comfort, reliability and trustworthiness, etc.

In this technological era, it has also become an integral part of businesses to know the flaws, improvements, amendments, and loopholes to get better as passing time which is also the motive of this organization. Let’s discuss each step below:

TCS Contact Details

Those details which are important to know for you in case of any mishap or negative experience are as follows:

Customer Care

Phone number: +92 21 111 123 456

Above mentioned phone number is used to contact those who don’t use WhatsApp or those who are not aware of social media applications. They can directly contact this number.

Whatsapp number: +92 0316-1123456

In today’s world, we all know that most people conveniently use WhatsApp due to its free access and comfortable facility. For the convenience of every kind of people, TCS never left any gap to get fulfilled by any other competitor. The above-mentioned number is given for WhatsApp users.

Email address: [email protected]

The above-mentioned email is the verified email address of TCS company. Email is a formal way to connect with anyone, it seems professional. With etiquette and respect, you can convey your message, request, or complaint whatever and it will get responded to.

TCS respect and value their customers as they understand the worth of their customer and how necessary is to make them all satisfied with their service. Here below the further details are given for more queries and authentication

TCS Contact Details of Their Head Office

The address of their main branch is as under:

Express and logistics center, headquarters TCS near Jinnah international airport, 75202, Karachi Pakistan

This address is given 100% relevant information that anyone who is not satisfied while contacting through any medium can easily go to the head office and discuss the issue directly with the team.

They will make sure that their issue will be taken into consideration. Moreover, they will keep on checking to make sure that he or they will not face any difficulty again. This is the only official address of the Tranzum courier service. please avoid any scam or fraudulent information from irrelevant resources. Below you can find the official website of this courier service.

TCS Official Website

Just by clicking on this above-mentioned link, you will directly get into this website which is the only verified and official website of Tranzum courier service.

Any other website would be fake and will only provide false rumors. By going to their website, you can encounter all their discount packages, delivery rates for different areas, and customer genuine reviews about their service quality. Additionally, you can also track the current location of your courier or parcel at any time you want.

By clicking on this website, you can also check their speed and their durability not only you can check what others are saying about it, but you can also find the queries of others and answers given from the website to make everything clear and to get prevent any ambiguity.

The website works as a backbone for every business because every relevant detail and the related query is given here and you can find everything you want to know about the particular business. So stay informed, stay in touch, and, stay connected with Pakistan’s best courier service.

More Contact Details

Here are some other contact details which are also important to be given to those users who are residents of different cities and countries.

For their convenience and ease, their representatives are always ready to hear any complaints and feedback with an open heart. They take criticism as a constructing factor and by improving their mistakes they make their path to success stronger.

Contact number for London Residents

+44 20208 208495600

Transm courier company also deals with national and international delivery so it is provided for foreign users of TCS. With the help of the above-mentioned contact number, they can avail this offer whenever needed.

Contact number for Dubai Residents

+971 20600The51

The above-mentioned contact number is provided for Dubai residents for their convenience. Besides the contact number, the addresses for both London and Dubai residents to get the complete detailed information are also given below:

Head office of London TCS

1000 – Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex. London, UK – TW8 9HH

Head office of Dubai TCS

Abdullah Building, Umm Ramool, Rashidya, Dubai, UAE – 29575

Both these above-mentioned addresses are provided by the company to make everything easier for their international users too.

Final Words

All the necessary details regarding contact info are provided in this whole article.

The TCS company is leading on the top in providing the best and most trusted service not only in Pakistan but across borders too by delivering the expected service with prompt, quick, and efficient logistic management and by valuing customers and their feedback.

By establishing a proper department that handles the difficulties faced by users and answers the complaints in a suitable manner.

This quality servicing and admirable traits lead them towards the stairs of success with every passing time.

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