TCS Head Office Address & Helpline Number

In the modern era, this company also started operating by utilizing an e-commerce business which means receiving orders online and then transferring them just like food panda, OLX, Daraz, panda mart, etc.

TCS was firstly founded and came into being in 1983 with the efforts and hard work of Khalid Nawaz Awan who was the owner and founder of this organization.

For decades, this courier service is getting better and better according to the changing environment, customer needs needed modifications and increased efficiency.

tcs head office

Here we are discussing some modes of their logistics as per they set their variation of products according to distance, price, and standard of products.

They did it to make their process and arrangements easier and to deliver the product to the right customer at the right time in the right place.

That is why they categorized their domestic products into different segments to prevent themselves and their customers from delayed orders and other hurdles.

Let’s discuss them:

TCS is one of the best and most elite services provided for customers all over the world for the ease and convenience of local and foreign customers.

This company was founded by Khalid Nawaz khan, the renowned owner or you can say entrepreneur of this reputed business who first took the initiative to start this service business to provide superb quality assistance to people all over the globe who can’t travel from place to place frequently but want to send something or any kind of goods to their loved ones.

After finding this gap in the market they started working on it and after the hard work and teamwork of this dedicated organization, Tranzum courier service has become a top-rated delivery service not only in Pakistan but outside the country also.

Here in this article, we talk about the head office or main headquarters of TCS because it is important to know the necessary detail of a business when we want to place an order of delivery or to use the business to send or receive anything to make sure and have a clear idea about their existence, official address, and n detail.

As it has become essential these days due to the increasing rate of fraudulent cases. Let’s find out its address and all the necessary information you need to know you can find it below:

Address of TCS Head Office

  • It is situated in Ramada la terraces restaurant near Jinnah International Airport Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Here are contact details:
  • Phone number: 02138797432

This phone number is provided to all users and nonusers of TCS to contact at any time and their representative will respond and try to clear all your doubts and will answer all your queries.

There are a few companies that care for their customer like that and provide every detail to give them all the trust they need before placing an order or considering it for bulk goods delivery.

Here is a helpline number which is also given in case of any emergency you can contact on the phone number which is given below, moreover, this contact number can also be used as the replacement of above-mentioned contact number.:

Emergency call: 021 111123456.

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