TCS National & International Rates List

For decades, this courier service is getting better and better according to the changing environment, customer needs needed modifications and increased efficiency.

Here we are discussing some modes of their logistics as per they set their variation of products according to distance, price, and standard of products.

tcs rates list

They did it to make their process and arrangements easier and to deliver the product to the right customer at the right time in the right place.

That is why they categorized their domestic products into different segments to prevent themselves and their customers from delayed orders and other hurdles. Let’s discuss them:

Modes of Local Delivery

Product/Service Detail/Description
Standard delivery. They proceed with your order in the daytime and within one night your order will be dispatched.
Red box delivery. When there are several delivery boxes delivered with high-quality packaging.
Economy class delivery. Guaranteed delivery within 48 hours at economy class rates.
Mehfooz delivery. Products needed extra care and protection to be delivered safely at the destination.
Fast speed delivery. Those products which have to be delivered on an urgent basis.
Identified time delivery. Goods which have to be delivered at a specific time with extra protection.
Holiday delivery. On holidays like Sundays, delivery is only done at pre-decided or designated places.
By hand delivery. To all fragile equipment, some more than usual care and security are provided.
Facility of selling or submission. It also provides an opportunity for students to register any educational institution’s form online and submit it through the TCS service. Which saves their time and energy and creates ease for them.
Convenient deposit and receive of fee and salary. Through TCS, you can also receive and deposit a pay slip or any kind of fee or salary. Tax collection is also possible through it.
Attested documents. Another facility provided by this courier service is that you can get attestation easily. You don’t need to bare a hustle to get attested forms and documents.
Return facility. In case, you don’t find the product up to your requirements, then this service allows you to return the courier with some terms and conditions.
Collection facility. Another convenience, TCS is providing to their local customer is shipment collection from the nearest TCS office.


TCS Local Rate List

As per the local rates are concerned, the heavier and larger the goods doubled their charges and overall expenses.

With the grace of Allah, Tranzum courier service is leading in Pakistan as the most perfect delivery website and company as far as transferability of goods from one place to another. They have established their business in all areas of Pakistan.

From the authentic and relevant resources, by considering facts and figures, here is a list of local rates which are implied in urban areas of people of Pakistan as per the area, demand, and size of goods.

Before placing an order of delivery or making use of this website all applied terms and conditions must be well known to avoid any misunderstanding and mishap. Let’s check out:

Exceptional Delivery Charges

  • Charges of TCS for delivery of 2kg goods are rs.100.
  • Charges of TCS for delivery of 5kg goods or under 5kg of or above 2kg goods are rs.200.
  • Charges of TCS for delivery of above than 5kg or lower than 25 kg is Rs.250.
  • For goods that are delivered on a motorbike, TCS charges implied Rs.200.
  • For goods that are delivered on a van or any car, TCS charges implied RS.300.
  • More charges will be implied for the goods if the distance covered is more than 30 kilometers.

(It is to inform you that these charges which you saw above are administrative expenses, excluding conveyance charges). Conveyance charges are below:

  • As far as conveyance charges are concerned, Rs.450 is charged per kg in which a safety and protection guarantee is included.
  • Private transport and logistics implied more charges which increases from 200 to 250 to decrease their final expenses.
  • Giant companies and e-commerce online vendors charge 100 rupees extra.
  • These rates are only implied on rare deliveries like telephone and contraptions in which rates are higher and delivery must be done within 24 hours.

Standard Delivery Charges

In standard or regular delivery charges, the rates are applied based on area, distance covered, the weight of goods, and volume of goods. Let’s check out the rates below:

Inside City

  • For goods that are 500 grams, Rs.80 is charged, for goods that are 1 kg, Rs.120 is charged and if you order an extra 500 grams then the rate will be Rs.60.

Similar Zone

  • For goods that are 500 grams, Rs.130 is charged, for goods that are 1 kg, Rs.180 is charged, and if you order an extra 500 grams then the rate will be Rs.90.

Alternate Zone

  • For goods that are 500 grams, Rs.180 is charged, for goods that are 1 kg, Rs.220 is charged and if you order an extra 500 grams then the rate will be Rs.110.

These rates are as per different time zones and several areas. As per the standard of locality, the greater will be each rate.

Delivery Charges For Huge Shipments

As it is clear that shipment or conveyance charges are implied as per the storage capacity and area covered by the goods. Other rates of different product types and modes have been discussed. Now charges applicable for heavy products are as follows:

Inside City

  • Delivery charges which are applicable for heavy goods are applied as Rs.200 for each kg in which any extra weight is found which was not mentioned earlier would be charged an extra Rs.100. Furthermore, for 30kg weight, Rs.2000 would be charged.

Same Zone

  • Delivery charges which are applicable for heavy goods are applied as Rs.280 for each kg in which any extra weight is found which was not mentioned earlier would be charged an extra Rs.140. Furthermore, For 30 kg weight, Rs.2500 would be charged.

Alternate Zone

  • Delivery charges which are applicable for heavy goods are applied as Rs.380 for each kg in which any extra weight is found which was not mentioned earlier would be charged an extra Rs.190. Furthermore, For 30 kg weight, Rs.3000 would be charged.

(If you notice, one thing is common between standard or usual goods and high-quality giant size goods that they rate is least in inside city zone than medium rates in city zone and higher rates in the alternate zone). Here is the last category of national rates of TCS which is discussed below. Let’s have a look:

Safe and Secure Shipment

  • The charges for 1 kg delivery are Rs300 and if an extra kg is found Rs.200 would be charged for it.
  • An additional charge for example, in case of any function, special occasion, urgent delivery, special packaging, customized and over the top arrangements are applied on such goods.

TCS International Rate List

The International rates of TCS are not fixed. They are flexible and changing in nature because of the continuous changing rate of exchange in the market.

So as per the rate of that country in which the courier has to be sent or received, you have to ferret out the current rate of that country concerning Pakistan and then calculate its charges.

You don’t need to get worried about the rates or charges applicable to the transaction because you will get to know the exact charges on the official website of tranzum courier service(TCS) where you only need to mention the weight of the product (must be under 2 kg otherwise extra taxes would be charged), specific country, mode of transportation and all necessary required details. After this, they will calculate the total final amount you have to pay to send the parcel.


TCS is working as a courier company in Pakistan with different rates and modes of transportation with the aim to send the goods from one place to another to provide ease and comfort to people and to make it easy for long distant people who want to transfer gifts or anything to their loved ones but due to any issue, they can’t go to their place.

This courier company has now solved this issue by providing top-notch quality service all over Pakistan without any difficulty, hurdle, or headache with different rates as per the distance covered and other factors.

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