TCS Services

TCS provides many delivery services to their clients. For anyone trying to send or receive goods from any place, TCS is the best option for it.

From 1983 till now, they are accomplishing their goals with success and providing better quality delivery services all over Pakistan and across borders.

With different rates and charges implied on different products as per their weight, size, and miles covered to get the product delivered, they are winning customers’ trust with their supreme service.

Every business provides any kind of service to earn profit same as TCS, there are some remarkable services which they are selling.

tcs services

They aim to provide extreme service to everyone, not only this they also care about their customers by giving discounts and offers on constant delivery order placement and on the special occasions on which people need to send gifts and other stuff to their loved ones.

With quality packaging, ensuring health and safety measures, keeping into consideration all necessary documents, assurance of timely delivery, and with the reputed name, they are leading the market for decades by giving enhanced and latest technological delivery services all over the world by maintaining & sustaining standards.

TCS offered relevant services which can make your life easier and stress-free. Here is a list of services offered by TCS. Let’s have a look:

Domestic delivery

You can also call it local delivery or national delivery in which TCS delivery is been made in different areas of Pakistan with 600+ vehicles with an updated tracker and all saved and available track records.

Domestic delivery includes standard delivery, red box delivery, mehfooz delivery, and economic delivery. According to the increased standard and pay rate of specific services.

Local or domestic services deliver goods in different cities or areas of Pakistan at different rates and per kg calculation.

Red box delivery is used for those who want to deliver customized products as per they want with extra care and extra safety and economic delivery has more high rates as it delivers the goods for elite class people.

Domestic service also needs to pay fees, attestation of certain documents for which people don’t want to get bothered as it is a headache to wait in long lines for your turn by wasting a lot of time and energy, so through TCS, you can perform these tasks easily.

Moreover, they also help to get access to passport procedures and to legalize any documentation. For all these purposes, the tranzum courier service is available.

The Bulk of Goods

This service is used for heavyweight or larger quantities of goods to be delivered from one place to another. Most often, the bulk of goods or heavyweight goods is either imported or exported through the TCS service.

These heavyweights goods can be mangoes, cotton, rice, cellphones (in larger quantities), raw material, spare parts, the latest technological tools, wool, etc. These products are often exchanged between countries in the form of imports or export.

Furthermore, it can also be used locally through TCS express service which is specified to deliver local large quantity goods within the country and TCS logistics can be utilized to receive or send the goods internationally.

Storage and Warehousing

Back in 2004, Tranzum courier service analyzed the need for having an enhanced and improved quality warehouse which has become the need of the market in which they are running their business.

After this, they firmly executed this idea and formulated a brilliant 3PL warehouse which has now been updated as 7PL.

As TCS service receives orders from all over the world and delivers the product by sustaining their quality and standard, they made a set up of a warehouse in which they can store the goods to be delivered which can not only preserve the goods but also prevents spoilage, fungus, or any other accident to ensure its quality and reliability.

With the assistance of cloud-based fast-paced warehousing technology and storage capacity, they have created more opportunities for jobs in the supply chain sector, by putting an additional department to control inventory management which is to be delivered on time.

This capacity solved many problems by consuming goods efficiently without compromising their original look and overall quality.

Printing System/Mail Management

TCS company is efficient in all its services no matter prominent or side business the most admirable quality is that they are not backward in any service. Another service they, are providing a printing facility which is also a part of their service.

Printing of original legal and important documents, identity cards, and other necessary papers. They will provide a dual-sided printed facility to remain the cost at the lowest and provide their customer with a valuable service.

Through it, you don’t need to search for a printing press or went to the places from where you can find print-out papers because, for your ease and convenience, another facility of printing is available at Tranzum courier service.

Furthermore, they also have the honor of the largest printing facility which is provided to them in different cities and places of Pakistan.

People usually provide them a bulk quantity of papers to get printed and they also deal with the documents of import or export process which are necessary to make written statements and their printouts to get the things authorized and legalized so that no one can claim any fraud or mistreatment.

TCS Tracking Facility

This tracking facility also gives security and a sense of being considered to the clients. In today’s world, it is not easy to trust a courier company to send precious goods because of increased cases of fraud a mishaps with the product delivery.

To avoid any such issues Tranzum courier service provides a tracking facility to its customers by giving them tracking numbers through which they can get access to tracking their delivered goods and get updated about the location and timelines of their product.

They can also get aware of the durability and exact location of the product to know how trustable the brand is.

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